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Terms & Conditions

Posted on Oct 30 by

Your email, like every­one else’s is read. It’s scanned for key words that we use every day when we are talk­ing about cur­rent events. Do you really believe that you’re one of the good guys so nobody pays atten­tion to your mail? Plus you never say any­thing that catches anyone’s atten­tion? How nice it must be to live in that fairytale land.


The Abercrombie Diet

Posted on May 14 by

The largest size of women’s cloth­ing that A&F makes, size large, is equi­val­ent to an Amer­ican size 10 (trans­lates to Cana­dian 8 & European 38).

That’s large!? And any woman or girl big­ger than that bet­ter be wor­ried because she’s an uncool fatty.

Kids are already lit­er­ally killing them­selves with extreme diets. Mike Jef­fries, you should be ashamed of yourself.


What’s Better Than a Good Old Typewriter?

Posted on May 10 by

I’ve wanted an old-fashioned, bang on the keys type­writer for the longest time. I used to have an old Under­wood like the one in the pic­ture above. It worked great but, in some moment of “save me, I think I might be a horder,” I got rid of the type­writer. Dumb! Some day, I’ll find another type­writer. But it has to be a work­ing one.

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